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[submodule "seed_datasets_current/124_120_mnist_8747"]
path = seed_datasets_current/124_120_mnist_8747
url = ../other-datasets/124_120_mnist_8747
[submodule "seed_datasets_current/124_138_cifar100_1858"]
path = seed_datasets_current/124_138_cifar100_1858
url = ../other-datasets/124_138_cifar100_1858
[submodule "seed_datasets_current/LWLL1_metadataset"]
path = seed_datasets_current/LWLL1_metadataset
url = ../other-datasets/LWLL1_metadataset
[submodule "seed_datasets_current/LL1_bigearth_landuse_detection"]
path = seed_datasets_current/LL1_bigearth_landuse_detection
url = ../other-datasets/LL1_bigearth_landuse_detection
[submodule "seed_datasets_current/124_16_fashion_mnist"]
path = seed_datasets_current/124_16_fashion_mnist
url = ../other-datasets/124_16_fashion_mnist
[submodule "seed_datasets_current/LL1_TXT_CLS_SST_Binary"]
path = seed_datasets_current/LL1_TXT_CLS_SST_Binary
url = ../other-datasets/LL1_TXT_CLS_SST_Binary
Subproject commit e0a70dfc9d0439e8d68f96c553080ee0064be552
Subproject commit 349287419bfc2bffec8c457d31a7bbf9ada05659
Subproject commit 05e84289c41bfa1c495a8abb68d370cc8b60294f
ID: 124_174_cifar10_MIN_METADATA_dataset
Name: cifar10
Description: Image recognition dataset consisting of 60000 32x32 colour images in 10 classes, with 6000 images per class.
License: open
License: open open
License Link: None
Source: University of Toronto
Source Link:
Source: University of Toronto University of Toronto
Source Link:
Citation: @article{krizhevsky2009learning, title={Learning multiple layers of features from tiny images}, author={Krizhevsky, Alex and Hinton, Geoffrey}, year={2009}, publisher={Technical report, University of Toronto}}
"about": {
"datasetID": "124_95_uc_merced_land_use_MIN_METADATA_dataset",
"datasetName": "uc_merced_land_use",
"description": "Overhead image classification dataset consisting of 2100 256x256 images of 21 classes.",
"citation": "@inproceedings{yang2010bag, title={Bag-of-visual-words and spatial extensions for land-use classification}, author={Yang, Yi and Newsam, Shawn}, booktitle={Proceedings of the 18th SIGSPATIAL international conference on advances in geographic information systems}, pages={270--279}, year={2010}, organization={ACM}}",
"license": "open",
"source": "UC Merced",
"sourceURI": "",
"datasetSchemaVersion": "4.0.0",
"redacted": false,
"datasetVersion": "4.0.0",
"digest": "5a0dd47634649872180b0ec4678ce1bed63146edb9af85cbb3d11b5ca805f0a6"
"dataResources": [
"resID": "0",
"resPath": "media/",
"resType": "image",
"resFormat": {
"image/png": [
"isCollection": true
"resID": "learningData",
"resPath": "tables/learningData.csv",
"resType": "table",
"resFormat": {
"text/csv": [
"columns": [
"colIndex": 0,
"colName": "d3mIndex",
"colType": "integer",
"role": [
"colIndex": 1,
"colName": "image",
"colType": "string",
"role": [
"refersTo": {
"resID": "0",
"resObject": "item"
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